850 volunteers help build the Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Village

Over 850 volunteers gathered on Friday armed with tools in the newly inaugurated Youth Olympic Village (YOV), known as the ‘Vortex’, to help furnish the 952 rooms that will house 1700 athletes during the Winter Youth Olympic Games that will take place in Lausanne, starting 9 January.

Volunteers were made up of the International Olympic Committee staff including IOC Coordination Commission Chair Danka Bartekova, the Lausanne 2020 team led by President Virginie Faivre and local partners and stakeholders.

Danka Bartekova: “I expect these games are going to be fabulous, we are in a beautiful building, we will have beautiful venues... the whole city will lift the Youth Olympic Games.”

Just one day after receiving the keys to the Vortex at an inauguration ceremony, the volunteers responded to the call of the Organising Committee to roll up sleeves and help build as much furniture as possible with the help of 50 coaches made available by IKEA, partner of Lausanne 2020.

The positive energy of the volunteers was spread across all eight floors of the circular building, that for the first time will house all athletes under one roof.

To maximise efficiency of the furniture build, 26000 packages of furniture have been distributed throughout the building again by a team of volunteers. With the furnishing close to completion, it gave the opportunity to do a successful test the functionality of the building at full occupation such as water systems and WIFI.

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