A brief guide to the different Lausanne en Jeux! events

Lausanne en Jeux! is a series of events which combines the worlds of culture and sport. Inspired by the upcoming Youth Olympics, they are worth noting in the diary. Discover the first three events starting in September.

MUDAC: exhibition « Sneaker Collab »
19 September 2019 to 26 January 2020, Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts (MUDAC), Lausanne
MUDAC and the Swisssneaks association have come together to present a cultural and social history of sport through the world of sports shoes. The exhibition shows how these simple objects have gone way beyond their initial functional use to become unavoidably associated with popular culture. An exhibition that will continue until the end of the Games.
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Night of the museums: ready, steady, visit!
Museums in Lausanne and Pully, 21 September 2pm until 2am
From 2pm to 2am during the traditional Night of the Museums, sport will be heavily present in the diverse displays. Each of the 24 participating institutions will be associated with a sport. To further add to the experience, clubs will be providing demonstrations as well as the opportunities for visitors to try out a sport.

The Night of the Museums will also feature the celebration of the Olympic Flame from 4.30pm – 5pm at Place de La Riponne. Entrance free.
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Cinémathèque Suisse: Projection ‘Marathon’
25 September, 8.30pm, Cinémathèque Suisse, Lausanne
Cinémathèque Suisse will take part in Lausanne en Jeux! Before and during the Games, a selection of documentaries and films created by famous directors will illustrate the close links between sport and cinema.

The first projection will take place on 25 September at 8.30pm in the Paderewski room, with the documentary Marathon (Spain – 1993), directed by Carlos Saura and focussing on the Men’s marathon at the 1992 Olympics. The key moments of the race are interspersed with action from other events. Marathon, concentrates not on the results of the different events, but on the unique test for the human body, sometimes fluid, sometimes painful. The athletes are stripped back to their barest form, shown the different states between ecstasy and exhaustion.
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