Les cérémonies de Lausanne 2020

An extraordinary celebration, a firework of colours, wonder and music will all characterise the opening of the Games. But that won't be the only (Youth) Olympic Games Ceremony, since there will be two other kinds: The Victory and the Closing Ceremonies.

The Opening Ceremony will kick off the event and celebrate sport while presenting the culture of the host country and part of its history. During this majestic show the Olympic Bowl will be lit by the Olympic Flame and the Games will be declared open. The rest is a surprise… we won't reveal anything else about the Lausanne 2020 Opening Ceremony yet, except that it will be held in the new Malley Ice Rink in Lausanne on January 9, 2020… a date to mark in red ink! Tickets will go on sale this autumn.

As the name suggests, the Victory Ceremony will be the occasion to honour the three top athletes in each category. Occasions, we should say! Because the celebration will take place in two stages: first at the event venue just after the competitions. Secondly, at the Medal Plaza – in the heart of Lausanne in the Flon district and in St. Moritz every evening: a high point when the winning athletes will take their place on the podium and receive their medals while the winner's national anthem is played. A party will follow with concerts and DJs: a free festival open to everyone!

Finally, the Closing Ceremony will mark the end of the 3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games and the Flame will be put out, the sign that the Games are truly over. Nevertheless, the atmosphere will be festive: a two-part celebration, first a celebration open to everyone in the Flon, and secondly, a celebration reserved for the athletes at the SwissTech Convention Centre, on the campus of the renowned Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).