Augustin Maillefer, inspiring a new generation

In 2010 he made his Olympic debut at the Youth Olympics held in Singapore. Two years later, he represented Switzerland at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, and in 2016, Rio was the venue for his third Olympic experience. The rower, Augustin Maillefer now has Tokyo 2020 in view.

This native of Lausanne, manages to successfully combine elite level sport with advanced studies. Away from his gruelling training schedule, he is enrolled on a Sports Science course at Lausanne University.

Augustin Maillefer explains that through his role as an ambassador of Lausanne 2020 he wants to, 'share his Olympic experiences with a new generation of athletes, as well as with youngsters in the region whether they are currently taking part in sport or not'.

He has taken the time to speak to schools in the region about what the life of an elite level athlete entails, as well as encouraging pupils to take part in sport. Recently, he participated in a programme organised by the Vaud Department of Physical Education (SEPS), which saw him join students in a physical education class. Toni Pacifico (SEPS) explains that, 'each year, students are required as part of the curriculum to undertake a number of tests designed to evaluate their physical performance. This year, in view of the upcoming Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympics, we have asked a number of elite level athletes from the Canton of Vaud to undertake the tests. We then plan to produce a poster showing their results next to their photo and a list of their sporting achievements. This poster will then be displayed in all the canton's educational establishments, with the objective of motivating students and stimulating discussion about the factors involved in achieving this level of performance.' The campaign will provide an ideal way of illustrating to the younger generation the health benefits associated to sport.