Ambassadors engage with Lausanne 2020

As you know, throughout the year, the ambassadors of Lausanne 2020 are involved on a voluntary basis in various exchange and initiation activities, particularly in the context of youth engagement projects linked to Lausanne 2020. To date, Lausanne 2020 is delighted to be surrounded by 14 renowned sportsmen and sportswomen who, with their experience and popularity among the Swiss and international public, help to convey the message and values of Lausanne 2020.

This summer, our 14 ambassadors were once again present by our side. Here are some of the highlights of the past months!

Prevention and education

During the Games, athletes will be offered a tailor-made educational programme focusing on topics that affect them. In advance of this special programme, Pat Burgener, Sarah Atcho, Augustin Maillefer, Sarah Meier, Fanny Smith, Timea Bacsinszky, Cristobal Huet and Killian Peier lent their voices to the CHUV teams during the shooting of several prevention videos to be presented to athletes in January. Topics such as concussion, stress or fatigue management and nutrition will be covered to provide these young athletes with essential information for their careers.

Sport promotion and initiations

Youth engagement is one of the key themes of Lausanne 2020. These Games are organised by young people, for young people. It is in this spirit that many introductions to sport are organised with the youth of the region. Our ambassadors are an integral part of this project: they regularly join us to share their experiences, the secrets of their success and their talents. This has included, for example, Mathilde Gremaud sharing her experience as an Olympic medallist with HEMU students who compose the music for the medal ceremonies, Cristobal Huet reviewing his daily life as an athlete with 125 students from Dijon as part of the collaboration between Lausanne 2020 and Paris 2024, Charlotte Chable and Killian Peier participating in a fitness test for SEPS (The Physical Education and Sports Service of the Canton of Vaud), and Augustin Maillefer participating in a gym lesson with classes from the Canton of Vaud.

Augustin Maillefer shared a gym lesson with a class from the canton of Vaud.

And soon, Peter de Cruz will be speaking about his Olympic experiences to some 500 primary school students in Morges, who will then participate in several curling initiations until the Games.

Invitation of volunteers to join Lausanne 2020

On 23rd June, exactly 200 days before the Games kicked off, Lausanne 2020 launched its search for 3,000 volunteers. As we all know, the role of volunteers is fundamental to the smooth running of any Olympic Games. It is also a chance for them to live a unique experience and witness first-hand the Olympic magic up close. Our athletes seem to know this better than anyone, and they have continuously show their support to this programme. A special mention and a big thank you to Sarah Atcho and Timea Bacsinszky for their videos inviting potential volunteers, young and old, from Switzerland and elsewhere, to join the team in order to make these Games an unforgettable experience for all involved – including athletes, delegations and the general public.

Visit of the Lausanne 2020 sites

Up on a paraglider, Fanny Smith recently presented the slopes of 'her' resort, Villars, which will host the skicross, snowboard cross and ski-alpinism events:

This month, Sarah Atcho joined us at Le Vortex, the residential area of the Lausanne Youth Olympic Village, for a surprise shoot – so keep an eye out, the video will be out soon! Cristobal Huet also invited us to discover the brand-new ice rink in Lausanne, which will host the hockey competitions in January 2020. 

And finally... training with Yodli!

How can we forget that, this summer, Timea Bacsinszky and Yodli competed in an epic tennis match. And against all odds, it was our mascot who won the game:

A few months earlier, it was Peter de Cruz who helped Yodli perfect his curling technique:

We look forward to sharing with you the future adventure of our ambassadors and wish you all a great start to the new school year. Coming up is the Olympic Week from 13 to 17 October, during which our athletes will share their Olympic experiences during various activities organised with young people from the region.

Want to know more about our ambassadors? Visit our website: