Is it possible to book tickets for the competitions for a group of person?

Yes it is, however, each order is limited to the acquisition of 5 tickets maximum but you can place an order unlimited number of times. So if you need 20 tickets, you have to make 4 orders of 5 tickets each. 

Yes it is, however, each order is limited to the acquisition of 5 tickets maximum but you can place an order unlimited number of times. So if you need 20 tickets, you have to make 4 orders of 5 tickets each. 

All the competitions will be free and open to everyone, except the indoor competitions in Malley and Champéry, which will require registration, yet will still be completely free. Get your tickets for the indoor competitions here. The opening ceremony is sold out.

We recommend using public transport! Spectators will receive a special Lausanne 2020 discount. You can get a day pass for 20 CHF (full fare) or 10 CHF (half fare). More information on our Access and Transport page.

Car parks will be set up onsite and will be served by shuttle buses when necessary. However, spaces will be limited and crowds will be big. That's why we recommend using public transport when travelling to the different venues. We also recommend public transport for environmental reasons.

We thank you for your interest in the Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020. Unfortunately, registration to become a volunteer is now closed. Already registered to take part in this adventure? You will receive further information from us shortly. Follow this link to view your profile.

As the job title suggests, volunteers will not be paid. However, expenses for public transport and food will be covered during the volunteering period, and uniforms will be provided for free.

Yes, training will be varied, covering the Youth Olympic Games in general, welcoming spectators, and the venues and their associated sports. Finally, volunteers will receive training that relates specifically to their jobs.

We don't provide accommodation for volunteers. Under specific circumstances, Lausanne 2020 can help them find a place to stay.  

All the athletes will stay in the two Youth Olympic Villages during the event. Up to 1,750 athletes and guides will stay in the Vortex in Lausanne, and around 400 will stay in St. Moritz.

The competition schedule is available now. You can find all the information regarding the time and place of each competition on our website: https://www.lausanne2020.sport....

Yes, activities will be organised at all the venues before, during and after the competitions. These activities are called En Jeux and you can find more information on the pages of our website dedicated to the Lausanne 2020 venues: https://www.lausanne2020.sport.... The full programme provides further information on this subject.

The programme is very similar to that of the Olympic Games. You can expect to see all the traditional sports. However, we are introducing new formats, such as the ice-hockey 3x3 tournament, and also mixed team events (mixed genders and also mixed nationalities). A new sport has been added to the programme: Ski Mountaineering. You can find more information on the various sports pages of our website: https://www.lausanne2020.sport....

A lot of them! The young athletes in the Swiss Olympic Youth Team make a strong and promising team!

That depends on the sport. The International Sports Federations select the athletes and each Federation has a different system in place. Most of the athletes competing at Lausanne 2020 will not be known until the start of the forthcoming winter season.

Yes, the other venues will take part in the Opening Ceremony. How? That’s a surprise!

A Victory Ceremony will be organised at the end of each competition. Athletes will take their places on the podium and will receive a gift. They must wait until the evening to receive their medals! This will take place in Medal Plaza, in the Flon area of Lausanne and at the heart of St. Moritz village.

The Closing Ceremony has a festival atmosphere; it is open to everyone and completely free. It will take place on 22 January 2020 at 19:00 in the Flon area of Lausanne, to mark the end of the Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020. For more information, go check our Ceremonies webpage.

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