Sorcières & Sortilèges: a role-play for everyone

eSpace Arlaud
Suitable for all audiences
Pierre Saliba, the author of this role-play, is at the table waiting for you to join him for a game together. His game, Sorcières & Sortilèges, is conceived as a tale of participation. The host suggests the beginning of the story, the setting and the main issues. Participants are not passive, they are also storytellers and may intervene to divert the story in a different direction if they wish. Sorcières & Sortilèges, published by Stellamaris in September 2019, is based on people who practice magic but in rather unorthodox ways. The world finds them annoying and the feeling is mutual!

Practical Information

Time slots
  • 12 January 2020, 14:00 - 17:00