Concert by Pat Burgener

Lausanne 2020
Suitable for all audiences

Pat Burgener is a Swiss snowboarder and musician.

Gifted from a very early age with snowboarding talent, he joined the Swiss national team aged just 14 years old. His ambition opened doors all the way to the top, propelling him into the world's top 3 time and time again.

Like many athletes at this level, Pat suffered several injuries. Following a particular injury in 2014, he took advantage of his time away from the slopes to work on his second passion, music. He formed his band with his brother, Max, and a childhood friend.

Thanks to the titles he had already won, he was invited to play at several world-renowned festivals, such as Montreux Jazz Festival, Sion Sous Les Etoiles and Gurtenfestival.

Upon his return to snowboarding, Pat continued his rise, recording the best results of his career, in particular a podium spot at both the 2017 and 2019 World Championships, and an extraordinary fifth place at the Olympic Games in 2018. "Music helped me to find my inner balance, which is essential for performing in any field" he said, speaking of his performance.

In March 2018, supported by Universal Music, Pat released his first EP, 'The Route', which has been a great success, today reaching more than one million streams on Spotify.

This summer, he is back with his second record entitled 'Icar', in reference to the legend of Icarus in Greek mythology. "I think that everyone should fly as high as they can and make their dreams come true, even if it means taking risks". He recorded the record last year in San Diego with Jasper Leak, a producer known mainly for his work with Sia and for his recent nomination at the 2019 Emmy Awards 2019 nomination for his role as Music Supervisor on the documentary 'Quincy'.

Meanwhile, Pat remains focused on his sporting goals; always somewhere in mind is his dream of climbing to the highest step on the podium at Beijing 2022.

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  • 12 January 2020, 19:55 - 20:35